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ATG Dynamo

Company: Art Technology Group

The Java-based Dynamo Product Suite delivers the vital component of an ICRM
strategy. A proven, extensible platform with the capability to meet the
challenges of ICRM, the Dynamo suite is comprised of three major components:
Dynamo Application Server, Dynamo Personalization Server, and Dynamo Commerce

BEA Weblogic Server

Company: BEA Systems

BEA WebLogic Server is designed for enterprise e-business applications that
demand the rapid development, flexibility and security of server-side components,
while supporting the scalability, performance, and high availability essential
to mission-critical e-commerce applications. BEA WebLogic Server simplifies
development of portable and scalable applications and provides rich interoperability
with other applications and systems.

Bluestone Total-e-Server

Company: Bluestone Software

Total-e-Server(tm) is the Application Server edition of Bluestone's comprehensive,
standards-based Total-e-Business platform, providing an enterprise-class
infrastructure that fully supports the latest open technology standards
such as Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Extensible Markup Language
(XML). Total-e-Server delivers the core capabilities needed for a successful
e-business, allowing companies to develop, deploy, integrate, and manage
all of their e-business applications.

IBM Websphere Application Server

Company: IBM

IBM WebSphere Application Server is built on open, reusable technologies
that leverage your existing resources, shorten development cycles and ease
your administrative burden. The Standard Edition lets you use Java servlets,
JavaServer Pages and XML to quickly transform static Web sites into vital
sources of dynamic Web content. The Advanced Edition is a high-performance
EJB server for implementing EJB components that incorporate business logic.
The Enterprise Edition integrates EJB and CORBA components to build high-transaction,
high-volume e-business applications.

IONA iPortal Server

Company: IONA

iPortal Application Server 3.0 is a certified J2EE application server with
e-business integration built in. With strict conformance to the J2EE specification,
iPortal Application Server provides complete EJB 1.1 Container functionality,
along with a Web Container supplying Web server, JSP and servlet functionality.
Beyond its complete support for the J2EE 1.2 specification, IONA's application
server offers a number of forward-looking J2EE 1.3 features. Most prominent
among these is support for J2EE application interoperability through the
Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP), a critically important standard for
connecting heterogeneous platforms and applications.

IPlanet Application Server

Company: Sun-Netscape

iPlanet Application Server 6.0, the industry?s first to achieve the rigorous
J2EE certification. Building on its legacy as the #1-rated platform for
scalability, reliability and availability, the new iPlanet Application Server
6.0 demonstrates the unique potential of leveraging Java for large-scale
e-business applications.

GemStone/J Application Server

Company: Gemstone

GemStone integrates standards-based technologies into a comprehensive platform
to save iCommerce development and deployment time. With GemStone/J, you
get support for iCommerce components, process automation, and enterprise
application integration ? all on a J2EE services base complemented by a
CORBA ORB 11 messages posted in 1 reviews, read or contribute reviews here

JBoss Open Source Application Server

Company: The jBoss Group.

The jBoss/Server is an Open Source, standards-compliant, Enterprise JavaBeans
application server implemented in 100% Pure Java, as is our full product
suite. The jBoss community of over 500 developers world wide is working
to deliver the full range of J2EE tools as the premier Enterprise Java application
server for the Java 2 Enterprise Edition platform. The jBoss/Server and
complement of products are delivered under a public license.

Jrun 3.0

Company: Allaire Corporation

JRun 3.0 is an easy-to-use J2EE application server and integrated development
environment for building and deploying server-side Java applications. From
e-commerce to business automation, JRun is the easiest way for developers
to deliver advanced business systems ? faster and at a lower cost than you’d
ever thought possible.

Oracle9i Application Server

Company: Oracle

Oracle offers a complete internet platform including an application server,
database, development tools and system management together with rich web
applications and components.

PowerTier 6 for EJB Enterprise Server

Company: Persistence
Software Inc.

PowerTier 6 for EJB is a productive, enterprise-class toolset and deployment
platform that offers the fault-tolerance, scalability, performance, and
reliability of prior generation's transaction monitors but built to satisfy
the modern requirements today's enterprise Java web-internet architectures.

Pramati Server

Company: Pramati

Pramati Server is a standards-based platform for component e-business applications.
Pramati provides Web and EJB containers, and all associated services - Naming,
Transaction, Resource and Security - required by multi-tier web applications
designed using Java? 2 platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE?) application
programming model.

Secant Extreme Enterprise Server

Company: Secant Technologies,

Secant Extreme Enterprise Server provides a complete environment for developing,
assembling, deploying and maintaining scalable, multi-tier e-Business systems.
The product is based on Secant’s time-tested and proven Object Transaction
Monitor and object persistence technology.

SilverStream Application Server Server

Company: SilverStream
Software Inc.

The SilverStream Application Server is a comprehensive platform for building
and deploying enterprise-class Web applications. Many large strategic corporate
applications and large-volume public Web sites are powered by the SilverStream
Application Server.

Borland Appserver

Company: Borland

Application Servers have a very positive impact on time-to-market, scalability,
and reliability of e-business applications. However, most application servers
have tended to rely on proprietary technologies. Borland has broken through
the proprietary barriers by combining the open, cross-platform, and cross-language
capabilities of CORBA? with the transactional business logic of Enterprise
JavaBeans? (EJB) technology supporting latest J2EE standards.

Unify eWave Engine

Company: Unify Corporation

Unify eWave Engine 2.0 offers customers a feature rich, highly scalable
platform for rapid development of customized B2B and B2C applications. Unify
eWave Engine 2.0 with its comprehensive support for J2EE standards is the
industry's only EJB 1.1 application server to provide dynamic replication
capabilities for deploying and re-deploying EJB components around the clock
and without interruption to the Web site, allowing continuously-available

Orion application server

Company: Orion Corporation

Orion application server 是在sun的J2EE的规范和框架下的一实现。其实现了EJB、JMS、jsp 和servelt引擎及事务管理等,其功能强大。而且还是免费的。

Enhydra Application Server

Company: Enhydra Corporation

Java-based application server with XML features, licensed under BSD-like

Sybase EAServer

Company: Sybase

The highly scalable, robust application server for e-portal and Internet
business solutions, EAServer provides an industrial strength set of services
for deploying Web and distributed applications using core Java 2, Enterprise
Edition (J2EE) standards, including Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).

WebApp Server

Company: DataAccess

A database-centric approach that provides a Web database application development
and deployment environment

Apusic Application Server

Company: Apusic Corporation

我国第一个拥有自主知识产权,完全支持J2EE规范的系统级中间件软件产品??Apusic Application Server

Lutris EAS

Company: Lutris Corporation

Lutris EAS is an extensible Java/XML Internet application server that supports
J2EE, Web, and Wireless Services. Lutris EAS gives ISVs, VARs, SIs, and
OEMs a new level of flexibility, extensibility and scalability for successful
server-side Java applications.


Company: Apache
Software Foundation

Tomcat is the official Reference Implementation for the Java Servlet and
JavaServer Pages technologies.


Company: Apple Corporation

Apple's WebObjects is an application server environment that comes with
tools for building Java-based network applications. WebObjects supports
drag-and-drop construction of user interfaces and direct connections to
existing applications and data resources. It features graphical development
tools, a palette of prebuilt, reusable components, and seamless integration
with all kinds of enterprise information systems. WebObjects handles application
server requirements?including load balancing, state management, HTML generation,
and Java client interoperability. WebObjects 4 runs on Solaris, NT, and
Windows 2000 (and will also run on Mac OS X and HP-UX), and works across
applications, business systems, and existing business logic.
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